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Endeavour Vehicle Conversions have to date been involved in the modification and reworking of over 100 Sewer cleaning units to increase their efficiency and usability on UK contracts.

We look at your individual storage requirements and realise a sensible, cost effective solution to allow your operators to be more efficient and ensure your equipment is easily identifiable in its storage location, thus cutting down on lost tools and equipment.

On offer are new storage lockers fitted to the sides of units for extra storage, these can be the usual side opening doors or our own high specification aluminium roller shutters, Standard size boxes or increased size for extra capacity – Side covers to enclose tools in trays – Underslung toolboxes – Ladder systems to aid with accessing higher parts of hose trays – CCTV mainline real integration onto the vehicles – Inverters and auxiliary LED scene and internal locker lighting for improved and safer working – Roof tray modifications to include solar panels to assist with keeping vehicles battery conditioned – Additional transport reel capacity through reel extension kits – Extra S&D capacity with storage tubes and slide out and down trays – Auxiliary diesel heating systems to heat lockers and pre-heat the cab if required.

We are also able to offer a full repaint facility for the units – a very specialised process that requires sympathetic preparation and a large paint booth, We have successfully carried out re-paints and re branding on a number of units for customers and offer this service for older & even new units that require further individual tailoring or refubishment.

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